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“I was a student of Mathematics and I also worked as a machine operator. I knew Stavigile after the movie Limitless. Getting the drug was easy: I went to the psychiatrist and I just asked for it.


I just noticed that my reasoning improved after the third dosage. This improvement in reasoning increased my performance in my tasks. I make use of 100 mg. I have not seen any evil, other than the price of the box – which is a little high.


I use it sporadically. I have no interest whatsoever in increasing dosages, or in using continuously. Thus, I prevent my body from becoming tolerant to the effects of Modafinil. I only use it when I really need it. ”


“I am 34 years old and I work as a cost analyst and budget planner. I have a very busy life: besides working, I am also a parent.” About 8 years ago, I was diagnosed with moderate narcolepsy and ADHD. But I limited myself to two boxes until I dropped out of treatment. I noticed an improvement in narcolepsy with Gym and Muay Thai practice.


By the end of 2013, however, the disease returned with full force and left me very depressed. So I went back to treatment with the neurologist and reissued the polysomnography exam. I already knew about Modafinil through Internet searches and I was interested in the drug.


I went to the neuro already with the idea of requesting the prescription of Modafinil, but neither was precise. Right away, the doctor said that my picture was clearly that of a narcoleptic and he prescribed me Modafinil 200mg per day. I used this dosage for six months until I went to 400mg per day (morning and afternoon).


My first dosage, with 200 mg, did not bring any noticeable effect until the second week of use. My expectation was that he would leave me with drowsiness satiated, more alert.


However, the main effects were: definitive interruption of sleep paralysis; Increased focus (even sleepy); Stimulation of the will to work; Increase in memory performance; Reflexes of the most accentuated senses; Less breathless breathing when at rest; Improved analytical perception.


I did not feel that much difference in vigil, properly. What has been most noticeable is increased concentration, focus, memory, and a slight increase in the analytical perception of what I read or do. For example, quick decision making and more effective accounting analysis. Thus, my attention deficit symptoms were more targets of Modafinil than narcolepsy itself.


After increasing the dosage, I confess I did not feel much difference. Maybe I have to increase again. I noticed two side effects: increased gluttony and, from time to time, insomnia (what an irony, a narcoleptic with insomnia!).


I do not use Modafinil either Saturday or Sunday. I’m in my last box and I’m going to take an indefinite break. I will stop using Modafinil and start over my exercise and diet routine. The symptoms of narcolepsy were much less severe at the time of bodybuilding and Muay Thai.


Today, even after taking modafinil daily with a dosage of 400mg per day, I take the view that narcolepsy is progressive – contrary to what some doctors claim. The return to activities is to see my physical/mental performance without the drug. Evaluate whether or not the disease is progressive. If the continuous use of Modafinil increases dose increase to achieve the same effectiveness.


“I’m currently studying for a contest.” I’m an Advocate. “My interest in Modafinil came from Google researching daytime sleepiness.


I needed to study and deconcentrate myself with more interesting things. Modafinil takes all my sleep during the day. While I’m studying, I have no more problems with tiredness. The effects are very nice. Modafinil really takes away sleep and increases attention. I have to take 15 drops of Rivotril every night to get some sleep. One time or another, Modafinil gave me diarrhea. The doctor said it was because of the combination with Ritalin. I will continue to use the drug as long as necessary in my academic life. There are people who live on the basis of coffee. Every technique is valid … ”

Ben Scott


Diego *, a medical student, uses Modafinil for medical reasons. “My psychiatrist has passed me into the disorder of the sleep-wake cycle of the non-organic cause.” It started with 100 mg but was developing tolerance and currently uses twice as much. You should only drop the medicine in 4 years. “My doctor only plans to withdraw the medication after I graduate and start stabilizing the timing and duration of nighttime sleep longer.”


Can you stay smart with a Modafinil tablet?

The Modafinil effects he describes are incredible. Just as in the case of the nurse Lívia and the student Marcos, who had stressful routines, Diego was benefited.


“I got more concentration, more energy, less sleep during the day and I noticed an improvement in motor reflexes.” I stopped sleeping in class (which was a big problem). I have become more participatory. It has also improved my image vis-a-vis teachers, “he says.


Paulo Felipe *, a history student, was diagnosed with sleep apnea after a series of tests, such as polysomnography, which forced him to sleep all night in a clinic. In sleep apnea, there are episodes of interruption of breathing during sleep.


This causes the person to have a totally fragmented sleep. Ultimately, the patient has to deal with the unbearable burden of missing a night of invigorating sleep every day. “The neurologist prescribed me modafinil to keep me awake during the day,” says Paulo.


“It was like a miracle,” says Paulo, about the early days with Modafinil 200mg. “I slept only for four hours.I woke up at 6 am in the morning, not sleepy and in a mood to do everything.I spent all day electric.No mental fatigue.I draw as a hobby.Whenever I stood there somewhere, I felt bored and started to draw in. In less than a month I filled in two notebooks with drawings, something that would take me under normal conditions for more than a year, “he says.


Another effect Paul noticed was an improvement in social skills. “With modafinil, I felt like interacting with people.


Already in the studies, he also noticed differences. He says his concentration in class has increased. “Modafinil helps me focus on the lesson, which I could not do in high school. I take a few good grades even without studying hard.”


As with all drugs, the physiological response of users to Modafinil can vary greatly. That’s what I noticed through interviews.


Fabio, who used Modafinil as a second option in the treatment of attention deficit, says that he did not feel the effect of modafinil. According to him, even with the 200 mg tablet, he felt sleepy in the afternoons. He returned to Ritalin, the most traditional treatment for his problem.


At another extreme, Mark, who had used Modafinil to deal with his exhausting routine, says that he became, in his words, a zombie. “When I slept, it was a very light sleep, no noise woke me up, I was a living dead person, and then I stopped using it every day or I used only 1/3 of the tablet,” he says. While some people said they did not have to sleep, that was not true for Mark. “I slept a lot, I was almost asleep all day and I still wanted to sleep more, that is, the time I spent studying, I lost sleep,” he reveals.


Modafinil changes all brain chemistry

It is no exaggeration of it. Modafinil has a very long half-life. This means that the remedy, even after many hours, continues in the body. As Mark took a Modafinil tablet every day (and considering that it was not to correct some sleep disorder), the substance was accumulating and getting stronger and stronger.


Today, he regrets. Marcos believes that the negative effects far outweigh the supposed intelligence and energy Modafinil gave him. He said, “It’s not worth it. It’s not worth it to feel dead tired and not able to sleep. It’s not worth studying 12 hours and sleeping 18 hours.”


The medical student, Diego, felt similar side effects of Modafinil. At the weekends, when he does not use the medicine, he feels fatigued. “Some days, I also have trouble sleeping,” he says. According to Diego, Modafinil also leaves him, sometimes, stressed.


Livia also counts other side effects: “I felt nauseated sometimes, I lost the appetite, getting to be days without eating. Very rarely, tachycardia”.


* Full names of respondents were omitted in order to preserve their privacy.


“Forget methylphenidate! Modafinil puts any Ritalin in the slipper.” It was with a phrase like this that João Pedro * responded to a publication in a Facebook group aimed at medical students.


Modafinil, whose active principle is modafinil, is a medicine sold in the UK to treat an excessive sleep disorder. But its underground use is in the classrooms and in the preparatory courses. The remedy, in healthy people, is able to increase performance on tasks that require a lot of attention, according to scientists at Oxford and Harvard. And, especially, Modafinil increases ability to stay awake.


Therefore, Modafinil is used (or abused) by those who seek approval in the entrance exams or competitions and still professionals who need to face long working hours, such as resident doctors and nurses.


Although Modafinil is efficient in its purposes, there is a problem: we do not know what the long-term effects of the drug are. What if it makes your users more susceptible to diseases like Alzheimer’s? It is also possible that it impairs the development of the brain – which ends only around 25 years of age.


Whoever guarantees these risks is said by neuroscientist Russell Foster. “It is not yet known what effects its continued use can cause. Modafinil is likely to be safe only if used for short periods.”


The whole story began in France, a long time ago, in the 1980s. The doctor Michel Jouvet, who studied narcolepsy, discovered Modafinil. It was a remedy that promoted wakefulness and took irresistible sleep attacks from the disease.


But later, in a marketing move, Jouvet said the following at a meeting in Paris, packed with war generals and reporters: “Modafinil can keep an Army standing for three days and three nights.” And the Pentagon and the Armed Forces were all listening.


To this day, Modafinil is the favorite substance of the Armed Forces of many countries in missions that require pilots and military personnel to remain vigilant for many hours. Unlike amphetamines, which leave soldiers awake, but “ligadões”, the Modafinil causes only vigil and leave the soldiers “normal”, as if they were sleeping well.


It is no coincidence that the United States Army tested modafinil on its soldiers and pilots on some missions, such as the 2003 invasion of Iraq. The French used modafinil in the Gulf War in 1991 and currently administer the drug Routinely to their fighter pilots.


In the Armed Forces, Modafinil means fewer deaths and fewer financial losses for the government. And in the battle of the future, anyone who does not use substances like this will be at a disadvantage. After all, the Army that uses the Modafinil will force the enemy to stay awake, without rest. This is a very effective weapon.


According to a nurse, Modafinil is used by doctors
On call for “working hours”
Leaving the battlefields, modafinil can be found here under the name Modafinil.


“I got Modafinil because my ex-boyfriend was a psychiatrist. I used to take it when I had to face more than 48 consecutive hours on duty,” says Livia, a nurse. Even after so much time without sleep, she reports: “It looked like I had rested for nine hours.”


She used Modafinil out of necessity, as she says, “to put up with.” “I work in a hospital, I can not sleep, it can hurt someone’s health by making a mistake.”


<h3>Benefits in sleep deprivation</h3>
In fact, doctors, nurses and surgeons who are fatigued and harmed by sleep deprivation are a threat to the health of patients. And Modafinil really helps them, in that case.


Who guarantees is a study conducted in 2012 dealt with doctors who had not slept for 24 hours. One part of them took 200mg of Modafinil and another took placebo. The results showed that the modafinil group was able to remain more efficient and functional.


“I’ve met a lot of doctors who used Ritalin and Sta,” says Livia. “Sta” is the affectionate nickname that the remedy has gained among professionals. She says that in the area of Health, the remedy is easily achieved, mainly through psychiatrists.


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