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Armodafinil The drug to stay smarter safe!

As with Viagra, initially developed to treat blood circulation, Armodafinil was born to keep people with narcolepsy from falling asleep. After a drug was adapted so that soldiers could be awake at night.

Gradually, it has been noted that in addition to improving alertness, there are other “interesting” effects, such as increased concentration power. It was the solution for a season of exams or for a conclusion of theses and master’s degrees.

Many students at Cambridge, Oxford and Harvard universities have already tested and approved. A study published no European Neuropsychopharmacology, considered 24 research conducted between 1990 and 2014. The remedy was given to healthy patients, who is not past hours without sleep.

Armodafinil improves concentration, attention, and ability to learn, without leaving sequels as a chemical addiction. It acts on the cognitive functions of the human brain, acting directly on the so-called “fluid intelligence,” which we use to solve problems and think in a more creative way.

It’s still in a position to buy online under the name Waklert 150, Armod 150, and Artvigil 150.

Cambridge University neuropsychology specialist Barbara Sahakian has been researching the effects of Armodafinil. “Many students may feel pressured to take the drug before taking their final exams – even if they believe this is wrong. In competitive situations, such as getting a vacancy, I wonder if it would not be the case to ban this drug from the same Shape that is made in sports “.