Buy Modafinil improves cognitive function

Buy Modafinil improves cognitive function

March 8, 2018

Reduction of cognitive functions is a very common symptom of a depressive disorder, as a rule, even after improving mood and the onset of remission, cognitive deficits persist. buy modafinil, modafinil uk

In an article published in Biological Psychiatry, the authors report that Madafinil UK, a drug approved for the treatment of patients with narcolepsy, can help cope with cognitive decline in depression.

Earlier studies of the efficacy of buy modafinil in patients with schizophrenia and ADHD have been conducted, but to date no one has considered the drug as a therapy for cognitive impairment in depression. buy modafinil, modafinil uk

The study involved 60 patients with depression in remission (score less than 12 on the Montgomery-Iceberg scale for 2 months). Before the study, the patients measured the basic parameters of the cognitive sphere: episodic and working memory, as well as the ability to solve problems and the ability to hold attention. After a baseline assessment of cognitive functions, patients were randomized to 2 groups. The 1st received single-dose modafinil buy uk at a dose of 200 mg, the 2nd placebo. After 2 hours after taking the drug, repeated testing of cognitive functions was performed.

It was found that patients after taking buy modafinil showed significantly higher rates in memory tests, compared with placebo. However, the differences in the indicators of attention and the ability to solve complex problems have not been identified. buy modafinil, modafinil uk

The researchers concluded that modafinil UK is a potential therapeutic tool for treating cognitive impairment in patients with depression in remission.

The scandal with the American runner Kelly White, who won two gold medals in the 100 and 200 meters race at the World Championships in Paris, has not ceased.

Recall that White blames the use of modafinil, a drug developed in 2001 by scientists from Harvard and the University of Pennsylvania. According to ITAR-TASS, modafinil UK is licensed in England as a drug for the treatment of narcolepsy (it is this disease and White suffers) - a violation of the brain, in which a person can suddenly "turn off", fall asleep at any time, often while performing responsible work. buy modafinil, modafinil uk

One of the designers of the buy modafinil UK , director of the Institute for Sleep Disorders at St. Luke-Roosevelt Hospital Center, Dr. Gary Zammit, states: "This drug is not amphetamine. Modafinil - a unique product that affects certain parts of the brain, which allows you to regulate the process of wakefulness. However, Modafinil is not intended for a person to be able to do without sleep for a long time. Tests in this direction were not carried out. " However, as scientists believe, the drug can be used to keep the clarity of thinking in the long absence of sleep.

The vice-president of the International Athletics Association (IAAF) Arne Lungvist has already stated that further research should be carried out on the type of drugs modafinil belongs to. "In the near future, the modafinil will be included by the World Anti-Doping Agency in the list of drugs that athletes will not be able to use both in preparation for competitions, during the training process, and directly during the tournaments," he said. buy modafinil, modafinil uk

American scientists made a sensational statement about the effects of modafinil in December 2001. Then the scientific community was informed that in the US they are experiencing a remedy that can help maintain vivacity in extreme conditions, including despite a prolonged absence of sleep. As Thomas Scammell, who studies sleep in the medical center of Beth Izrejel Dikones, told in the ABC program Good Morning America, modafinil has a beneficial effect on the concentration of attention.

It is not yet clear whether the drug will be available to healthy people who have to work hard and sleep a little. Perhaps he can help people who are constantly drowsy as a result of prolonged shift work. In the US, where medicines are more readily available, modafinil may be in demand among students and nightclub patrons who constantly resort to exhilarating drugs. And employees of the Rescue Service believe that this drug will help them get by without sleep during serious disasters. buy modafinil, modafinil uk

British scientists are conducting a study at Cambridge University of modafinil as a drug that increases a person's intellectual potential and allows him to spend longer without sleep, without violating the concentration of attention. As Danell Turner from the Department of Psychiatry at Cambridge University points out, "the use of modafinil can revolutionize the understanding of the mechanism for the emergence and preservation of memories. Apparently, this drug has a very special point of impact on the processes occurring in the human brain.

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