Modafinil Known as the “Smart Drugs”

Modafinil Known as the “Smart Drugs”

February 4, 2018

Modafinil Known as the "SMART DRUGS", Modafinil UK is a brain stimulant that increases alertness, improves memory, cognitive abilities (planning, work), motivation when performing tasks involving reasoning and memory consolidation. Smart drugs, modafinil uk

Nowadays, we often need our brain to work full energy for very long periods, requiring quick thinking, creativity and concentration, whether inside or outside of work, and often deprivation of sleep and rest is necessary. However, the excess demand for substances needed to keep the body and mind activated is "depleted" at some point, reducing our alertness, concentration, and cognitive ability, Buy Modafinil UK Online in Modafinil4uk. Smart drugs, modafinil uk

Hormones and neurotransmitters like norepinephrine (neurotransmitter responsible for the sense of motivation and also attention) are essential substances to keep the body active and several studies show a drop in their levels during periods of tiredness. Therefore, the most immediate consequences are lack of attention, difficulty in memorizing, loss of concentration, slow thinking, discouragement, changes in sleep and tiredness. Buy Modafinil UK Online. Smart drugs, modafinil uk

Buy Modafinil UK is an FDA-approved eugenic (sleep enhancing specifically) compound originally created for the treatment of sleep-related disorders such as narcolepsy and excessive drowsiness, increasing the alertness of these people during the day. More recently clinical studies with modafinil have also reported improvement in some neuropsychological tasks, which assess cognitive functions such as memory, visuospatial skills, planning, and attention, acting as a neurocognitive enhancer in healthy volunteers.

Researchers at Oxford and Harvard conducted a number of studies on Modafinil and considered it the first safe "smart drugs", which directly increases levels of cortical catecholamines. In addition, no preponderance of side effects or mood changes was observed in these studies. Smart drugs, modafinil uk

It is not yet known what the exact mechanism of action of Buy Modafinil is, it interacts with a wide variety of neurotransmitter pathways (monoaminergic, glutamatergic, gabaergic, orexinergic). Its main action leads to an increase in the concentration of neurotransmitters such as dopamine, noradrenaline, and glutamate in the synaptic cleft. More recently, this increase in dopamine has been found to occur due to the binding of modafinil to dopamine transporters, inhibiting dopamine transporters and increasing their concentration in the synaptic cleft.

Neurotransmitters are responsible for conducting nerve impulses and each of them has a distinct effect on our behavior. Dopamine and noradrenaline, for example, are very important in motivation and cognition, have a stimulating action on the central nervous system, make you feel more alert and generate a sense of well-being. Glutamate is closely linked to learning and retention of information. In addition, studies show that modafinil decreases the production of GABA (gammaaminobutyric acid), a neurotransmitter that causes drowsiness. And at the same time, it seems to increase the release of histamine, which in addition to controlling the immune response, also has wakeful effects. Smart drugs, modafinil uk

Modafinil Posology

Modafinil 200 mg is recommended. Dosage suggestive and can be changed and must be evaluated by the professional qualified for this prescription. Smart drugs, modafinil uk

Modafinil Side Effects

In general, Modafinil UK is seen as a safe substance, but there is potential for side effects. Most of the less serious side effects that can result are quite typical of many nootropic supplements. These include a headache and dizziness, nervousness or agitation, nausea or diarrhea, trouble sleeping and dry mouth. Smart drugs, modafinil uk

There are some more serious side effects of Modafinil, though rare. Most of these occurrences are seen only in a small profile of modafinil users, generating an allergic reaction. These may include fever, sore throat, or rash.

In the most extreme cases, modafinil can cause something called Stevens-Johnson Syndrome or Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis which are rare and possibly life-threatening conditions of the skin. This is usually a sign of some other type of physiological problem and only occurs after a long period of consistent use of Modafinil. Smart drugs, modafinil uk


Modafinil is contraindicated in patients with high blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmias or hypersensitivity to the components of the formula, also in cases of pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Pediatric use: Safety and efficacy in individuals younger than 18 years have not been established, use of Modafinil UK in pediatric patients has been associated with serious skin reactions such as erythema multiforme and SJS. Smart drugs, modafinil uk

Modafinil for elderly

Safety and efficacy in individuals over 65 years of age have not been established. Since elderly patients may have impaired renal or hepatic function, reduction of dosage should be considered.

Pharmacokinetic Compatibility Modafinil UK may interfere with other medicinal products and should not be combined without consulting a physician. Modafinil UK is particularly known to interact with monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAO Inhibitors) and depression medicines, including isocarboxazid, tranylcypromine, or phenelzine, clomipramine or desipramine. It should not be combined with central nervous system stimulants such as ADHD treatments such as amphetamine-dextroamphetamine, methylphenidate, pemoline, and others. Smart drugs, modafinil uk

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