Modafinil Pills: The Right Medication to Treat your Excessive Sleepiness

Modafinil Pills: The Right Medication to Treat your Excessive Sleepiness

September 28, 2018

Do you find it difficult to stay awake during work hours and not able to concentrate on other activities and you don't know why it is happening? Could sleep apnea or another medical condition can be the reason behind it? Sometimes the cause of the sleepiness is not easy to figure out.

What is excessive sleepiness?

Sleepiness is like a problem for you if:
  • You have trouble walking in the morning
  • You often feel sleepy during wake hours
  • Naps don't take the edge off your sleepiness

Along with these problems throughout the day, you may also experience:

  • Trouble with thinking
  • Loss of appetite
  • Anxiety feeling or irritation

Cause of sleepiness

Not getting enough sleep is the most common cause of excessive sleepiness. Working at night and sleeping during the day can also cause it. Depression, sleep disorder – such as sleep apnea or narcolepsy are some common cause of problem sleepiness. Other causes include alcohol & drugs, smoking, lack of physical activity, obesity, and the use of some medications.


The best treatment for your excessive sleepiness is to find out its underlying cause. Often, this means making some changes to your habits and daily routines, sleep schedule, or the sleeping environment. Modafinil and Armodafinil pills are possible medications to treat excessive sleepiness. These medications work by changing the action of certain chemicals in the brain.

However, it is important to work closely with your doctor to determine if a medication is right for you. This will depend on your unique conditions, sleep habits and medical history.

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