Modafinil, here is the ‘smart’ drug that increases creativity. But is it really true that it has no side effects?

Modafinil, here is the ‘smart’ drug that increases creativity. But is it really true that it has no side effects?

February 12, 2018

The researchers at Harvard and Oxford concluded that Modafinil, smart drugs normally prescribed for narcolepsy, would be able to improve decision-making, concentration and the creative thinking of those who take it. modalert uk, modafinil uk

Remember Bradley Cooper in Limitless, dealing with a drug that made him incredibly attentive, fast, receptive?

Well, apparently the reality could, if not overcome the imagination, at least approach it.

A research that must be taken with the springs, also because very little is known of the long-term effects, but that in any case seems to have identified the first "smart drug" in Modafinil, with very few Modafinil Side Effects and a non-exaggerated dependence. modalert uk, modafinil uk

The Guardian, who reports on the research of the two universities, points out that more and more people take Modafinil UK without a prescription and without real need, for the sole purpose of improving attention before an examination. And a survey of the prestigious scientific journal Nature gave surprising results: one in five readers would have taken Modafinil to improve concentration, with 44% of those who chose Modafinil UK.

The main effect that the Modafinil would have on the human brain concerns what scholars call "Smart Pills", that is the ability to solve problems and to think creatively. Cognitive benefits are not unimportant, therefore, but that must be compared with any Modafinil Side Effects not yet identified. modalert uk, modafinil uk

In fact, according to some, Modafinil would affect the mood, also causing nausea, headaches, and anxiety, even if only in a small part of the subjects tested.

Peter Morgan of the Yale School of Medicine, who warns against the long-term effects that, according to him, would not be so different from those caused by the use of other stimulants such as caffeine or nicotine. modalert uk, modafinil uk

Guy Goodwin, president of the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology, is much more likely to believe that it would be difficult to ban Modafinil UK that, in fact, improves cognitive performance in the absence of Modafinil Side Effects UK. Even clearer Anna-Katharine Brem, who signed the research: "We are not saying 'Come on, take Modafinil and your life will be better'. It is still unlicensed for healthy people, but it is time to open a serious debate on how to increase human cognitive efficiency ".

Modafinil: the smart drug that really makes smarter?

In a world in constant evolution and in which we speak of quarter-age crisis (25-year crisis), young people are increasingly using psycho-active drugs such as Modafinil UK to increase their cognitive performance and attention in a such as to be temporarily more efficient. modalert uk, modafinil uk

For years, a large part of the world's population has been convinced that human beings used only 10% of the functionality of their brains. Despite this belief was brilliantly refuted by neuroscientist Barry Beyerstein, many people today disclose this false information as if it had a scientific basis. Beyond the scientific moralisms, just think of Hollywood and films like Limitless or literature and Sherlock Holmes that, with the sole force of deductive reasoning, was able to solve the most complicated cases.

This reality shows how much the human being is fascinated and obsessed by the desire to be as intelligent as possible and today, to achieve this goal, many people use Modafinil (also known as Modalert UK ), an exciting CNS drug that seems to increase concentration and focused attention. modalert uk, modafinil uk

Modalert UK used above all by new-generation students to increase their cognitive performance.

Modafinil is a smart drug that increases concentration and attention by stimulating genetically dominant intelligence in each of us.

Modafinil UK is a eugeroic drug (which promotes waking) that was synthesized in France in the seventies and approved by the FDA in 1998 for people with narcolepsy and ADHD (Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder), although for the latter is used off-label. It acts similarly to caffeine and does not solve the long-term problems that cause sleep deprivation. From a pharmacokinetic point of view it reaches the areas of the brain that are focused on attention and cognitive processes. modalert uk, modafinil uk

Before continuing, it is important to make a note on what intelligence is (from the Latin intelligere = comprise). It is defined as a superior cognitive function that allows the individual to produce an adaptive and functional behavior to achieve a goal.

In reality there are many forms of intelligence, which depend on the attitudes that each individual is genetically predisposed to develop and which will mature in the course of life in relation to the environmental and social stimuli that it will undergo.

Learning to know one's own predispositions and oneself allows not only to live satisfactorily according to one's own needs but also to learn to choose a path rather than another based on one's own natural abilities. modalert uk, modafinil uk

The scholar Howard Gardner gave rise to the theory of multiple intelligences, which can be divided into eight categories:

visual-spatial: ability to create visual representations of the world and to imagine ideas in space before creating them.

naturalistic: understanding and solving problems in the natural environment

musical: ability to make sounds the key to understand and interpret reality

logical-mathematical: proper to those people who have a tendency to classification and inductive reasoning and closely linked to the principles of logic.

interpersonal: ability to interpret people's micro expressions, identify their feelings, moods and behaviors and behave accordingly.

body-kinesthetic: solve problems using all parts of your body and communicate emotions and ideas with it.

verbal-linguistics: proper to people who easily learn other languages or who are able to understand the intrinsic meaning of words (think of poets or writers).

intrapersonal: ability to create a personal mental model based on one's own situation and needs and direct one's life according to this model. modalert uk, modafinil uk

How does Modafinil UK work?

Although Modafinil is an excellent molecule, its abuse could have the same characteristics of cocaine dependency. The Modafinil (also known as Modalert) acts on the brain reward system and at high doses could cause addiction. modalert uk, modafinil uk

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