Scientists have proved the effectiveness of nootropics: Buy Modafinil

Scientists have proved the effectiveness of nootropics: Buy Modafinil

March 8, 2018

Modafinil Effects, buy modafinil. A systematic review showed that the '' neuro amplifier '' modafinil does improve cognitive functioning.

Modafinil was originally developed for the treatment of narcolepsy, but it is widely used not for direct indications: as an '' amplifier of thinking ''. He is especially popular among students in the preparation for exams. Previous scientific studies have shown a pronounced beneficial effect of modafinil in sleep-deprived people, but much less attention has been paid to studying the effect of this drug in healthy people as a 'cognitive enhancer', although there are probably more such modafinil users. European Neuropsychopharmacology Magazine published an online systematic review showing the significant positive effect of modafinil on cognitive function, at least on a specific group of tasks.

Ruairdh Battleday of the British Oxford University and Anna-Katharine Brem of the Harvard University of the United States analyzed scientific publications on the cognitive effect of modafinil over the period from 1990 to 2014. They found 24 studies devoted to the study of the various positive effects of modafinil, incl. on the functions of planning and decision-making, switchability, learning and memory, as well as creativity. Modafinil Effects, buy modafinil

Modafinil - a stimulant, allowed by the American regulator to help people with sleep disorders in order to maintain wakefulness. This means that the safety of its use on humans has been confirmed by appropriate clinical studies, for a fairly long time and with different doses. In people with wakefulness disorders, as well as in many other persons suffering from neuropsychiatric diseases, the use of modafinil led to improvements over a wide range of cognitive functions, bringing them closer to the "norm". This effect is also observed in people who are forced to maintain wakefulness due to their profession, for example, pilots and doctors.

But in this study, the authors set out to find out how modafinil affects healthy people who are not in a situation of sleep deprivation. The analysis of publications indicates the ability of modafinil to improve cognitive functions, in particular, "higher" cognitive functions, eg, problem solving and planning. This improvement is not always noted, not for every test, not for every person, and for some cognitive functions, eg attention, training and memory, many studies show no differences. Modafinil Effects, buy modafinil

Modafinil Effects

The authors write: "When collecting data for our study, we were surprised by the methodology used in the studies. First, the total number of studies on the material of healthy people was very small, as was the number of participants in each study (on average, about 30 participants per study). Secondly, many studies have used inadequate cognitive tests-tests commonly used to assess cognitive deficits in people with neuropsychiatric diseases or neurological disorders. The problem here is that healthy people do very well with these tests and without taking the drug - a phenomenon known in science under the name "ceiling effect" - and therefore it is more difficult to determine the improvement in activity under the influence of the drug, if at all possible " '.

"When we looked at our results from this angle, the cognitive utility of modafinil was much greater and encompassed a wider range of functions, including attention, executive function, learning and memory. This was one of the main differences of our work from previous reviews. Our study points out that in controlled scientific circumstances, the use of modafinil to enhance cognitive function is safe and effective, but it should be borne in mind that most of the research has been around a single dose of the drug, which does not allow making any statements about long-term effects. " Modafinil Effects, buy modafinil

The Future of Neuro-Amplifiers

According to the authors, the improvement of our natural abilities with the help of science and technology is far from new, it underlies the evolution of human society: it is movement with the help of a wheel, and navigation with a compass, and communication with wires.

In this sense, the tablets "for the mind" have a huge potential for changing our inner self, expanding the range and depth of human understanding and action, which will allow us to more fully perceive the mystery and beauty of the world, reconsider our attitude to subjects and people, and it is better to understand our mental motives and experiences. Neuro-amplifiers will also allow us to become more productive, innovative and psychologically stable. Modafinil Effects, buy modafinil

Of course, equally with the benefits, there are risks associated with the abuse of these drugs. But it's better to start with an unbiased and complete race Of course, equally with the benefits there are risks associated with the abuse of these drugs. But it's better to start with an unbiased and full consideration of the possible benefits of these drugs, the authors believe. Modafinil Effects, buy modafinil

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