Modafresh-200 has been gaining adherents around the world as a stimulant capable of keeping our minds alert and facilitating learning.

Modafinil in the UK is marketed under the name of Provigil. Although advertised on the websites of some UK drugstore chains, the remedy, by FDA determination, can not be marketed through the Internet. It’s only sold in the UK on presentation of a prescription.

Modafresh-200 (Smart Pill) and it’s precursor (adrafinil) and its R isomer (armodafinil) are classified as central nervous system stimulant drugs.

Any user of Modafresh-200 will probably tell you that this drug is certainly not ‘like’ other central nervous system stimulant drugs. In fact, Modafresh-200 is known for its lack of central nervous system stimulants that cause typical side effects such as elevated blood pressure and heart rate.

This could be explained by the fact that although Modafinil may affect monoamines (eg dopamine and nor-adrenaline), it has no significant effect on adrenaline, therefore it does not induce the effects associated with adrenaline such as sweating, heart Accelerated blood pressure and High blood pressure.

In addition, Modafresh-200 increases the amount of histamine, which promotes wakefulness and decreases excess sleep.

This author believes that there is some kind of interaction between modafinil and the neurons of the reticular activation system (RAS). RAS is a network of neurons in the brainstem, believed to be responsible for governing levels of arousal, postural alertness, and sleep regulation.

Indeed, in cases of narcolepsy (Modafresh-200 original prescription), there is a remarkable lack of activity in RAS neurons. Thus, it seems reasonable to conclude that a reversal of narcolepsy (with the use of modafinil) would imply increased activity in ASR.

Anyway, the use of modafinil seems to be becoming more popular in modern society among those seeking “drug vigil” that does not have side effects associated with Ritalin / Adderall / Amphetamine normally harmful.

My personal opinion is that modafinil is like Ritalin, etc., but without the negatives. In other words, it is not a true nootropic, but it is not an anti-nootropic either. It does not actively facilitate learning (except for motivational effects) but does not degrade the hippocampus anyway due to cortisol levels.

Of course, this author does not recommend that you take Modafresh-200. That would be illegal. However, if it were to use such a compound, it would be wise to assess tolerance and individual reaction, starting with a very small dose (such as 100 mg / 200 mg tablet). Side effects, although rare, include fatal skin reactions. The most common side effects include frequent insomnia, bruxism, and defecation.

Modafresh-200 mode of operation is not fully understood. However, it can offer real elevations in motivation, energy and focus without side effects associated with other traditional stimulants.